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Chapter Member Roster

Ashikyan, George A.
Bigler, Donald W.
Brandom, William S. jr. – RPT
Bridgman, Herb S. – RPT
Churchill, Kenneth R. – RPT
Dahm, Mary E.
Denning, Jeffrey – RPT
Domeny, Roger – RPT
Durben, David P. – RPT
Durben, Dianne Salem – RPT
Gilkey, John
Gilkey, Kathleen – RPT
Janey, Brian
Kneale, Ronald – RPT
McCall, Kylie
Moore, Gerald R.
Morton, Randy – RPT
Mrozek, Eric
Paul, Landon
Qui, Yang
Rea, Paul
Robinson, Paul
Schultz, Thomas R. – RPT
Shull, Jonathan
Shull, William D. – RPT
Tessler, Jonathan
Tonyan, John C. – RPT
Tonyan, Josh
Voss, John – RPT

First charted in June, 1963, the Pomona Valley Chapter has a rich history dating to the earliest days of the Piano Technicians Guild. Charter members and other very early members included Piano Technicians Guild luminaries such as:

Cecil Short – It was in Cecil Short’s home that the first Pomona Valley Chapter meeting took place.
LaRoy Edwards – The innovative national piano service manager at Yamaha during its growth period in the US, and one-time apprentice of Cecil Short.
Francis Mehaffey – Technician/teacher whose instruction – often with the aid of LaRoy Edwards resulted in the addition of many more fine technicians, including several current members of the chapter.
Darrell Fandrich – A young piano technician in San Bernardino, later became the designer of the Fandrich-Trivelas Vertical Action, which is incorporated into the Fandrich and sons pianos.
Del Fandrich – Darrell’s brother, also was an early chapter member, whom later became the Director of Research and Development for the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company in the 1980’s.
Ed Seymour – Who for 30 years not only kept the chapter in stitches, but trained a number of technicians in his shop near Riverside, CA.
Paul Seabern – The first Southern California Combined Newsletter was the result of the efforts of the late Paul Seabern, who served as editor/compiler for two decades.

Today, nearly five decades later, our chapter continues to thrive. Our current roster of nearly thirty chapter members continue on where master craftsmen of the past have left off.

The Pomona Valley Chapter Board Members are:

President: Bill Shull, RPT
Vice-President: Roger Domeny, RPT
Treasurer: Don Bigler
Secretary: Tom Schultz, RPT
Trustee Member: Paul Rea
Trustee Member: Paul Robinson
Trustee Member: Herb Bridgman, RPT