Chapter Meeting – July 2017

There will be no July Pomona Valley Chapter meeting due to the national convention in St. Louis.

At our June meeting, held at Bill Shull’s shop, we elected the following slate of officers for the coming year:

  • Board of Trustees – Paul Robinson (subject to his acceptance)
  • Treasurer – Don Bigler (affirmed)
  • Secretary – Tom Schultz (nominated & voted in)
  • Vice President – Roger Domeny (nominated & voted in)
  • President – Bill Shull (nominated & voted in)

Other Board meeting discussions were of the two council proposals: 1. RPT exams and 2. Governance revisions. We also discussed the membership directory – hard copy vs. electronic. Ron Kneale agreed to continue serving as our chapter Webmaster and was given the title of “Pomona Valley PTG Guru” (at Bill’s suggestion & acclaimed by all)! Ron Kneale offered his successful use of boiling water & vinegar for the removal of hide glue.

Our program was presented by the ever amazingly concise, rapid-fire, entertaining, thoroughly prepared Isaac Sadigursky. Some of his topics were – having a separate tuning hammer tip with its own head & replace this combination rather than the tip only – He demonstrated a variety of upright piano top supports – If teaching students to hear beats, use a variety of differently pitched tuning forks simultaneously – Steam old key-bushings for 10 seconds and they can be easily removed with a dental pick – A broken sharp key front mortice can be repaired with a piece of balance-rail button cut-to-size & glued in place – A piece of belt-sander cloth stock is perfect for hammer filing – A short section (foot-long or more) of heavy steel rod placed on the shanks will allow all filing to be done from the same side of the action. Also sandpaper-type step safety tape can be perfect for hammer filing. A variety of tools were shown & demonstrated, but you had to BE there to fully appreciate Isaac’s unique & memorable style!